BCGControlBar 7.3

V7.0 FeaturesGeneral:Implemented a new visual manager ;CBCGPVisualManagerVS2005...

V7. 0 FeaturesGeneral:Implemented a new visual manager ;CBCGPVisualManagerVS2005 which allows to create applications with Microsoft Visual Studio.

NET 2005 (;Whidbey;) lookImplemented a new docking style -smart docking. It's similar to docking interface found in Microsoft Visual Studio. NET 2005 (;Whidbey;).

Now users can see where the dragged window can be docked. Just call CBCGPDockManager::SetDockStyle (DT_SMART) to enable this feature. You can also customize ;smart docking; markers by changing their colors and shapes.

Added a new advanced control - CBCGPAppBarWnd. This control behaves as a window which can be docked to any side of the screen and lays outside of the application areaAdded full support for right-to-left layout.

You can just create the main frame window with WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL style and the rest will be automatically handled by the libraryA new static method CBCGPDockManager::EnableDockBarMenu allows to enable or disable additional context menu related to control bar states.

This menu consists of four items: Floating, Docking, Auto Hide and HideTab Control:CBCGPTabWnd has a new method EnableTabDocumentsMenu which replaces scroll buttons with a popup menus displaying a list of opened documents CBCGPTabWnd has a new style - STYLE_3D_VS2005.

Tabbed windows created with this style look similar to MDI tab window in Microsoft Visual Studio. NET 2005 development environment Visual managers have an ability to override default border size of tabbed control bars using new methods GetMDITabsBordersSize and GetDockingTabsBordersSize Toolbars and menus:Toolbars with 32-bit images can be displayed now on all Windows platforms where the alpha blending feature is supported (such as Windows; 98 or ME)Added support for color transformation to CBCGPToolBarImages class: a new method AddaptColors allows to change image tone color at runtimeRecalculating of toolbar layout is much more efficient nowThe framework can gray disabled images automatically.

Use a new method CBCGPToolBar::AutoGrayInactiveImages in order to enable this featureCBCGPToolBar class has a new method ;CleanUpLockedImages;, that allows to clean image list(s) in locked (non-customizable) toolbarCBCGPToolBarImages::AddIcon has a new optional parameter ;bAlphaBlend;, that allows to add 32-bit iconsAdded access methods to collections of images residing in CBCGPToolBarCBCGPToolBar::IsVisible is marked as ;const; nowSignificantly improved menu drawing performanceEdit control:Automatic width adjustment for the outline margin.

New virtual CBCGPEditCtrl::OnUpdateLineNumbersMarginWidth function was addedTyping performance was improved when auto-outlining is onAdded new wrapper functions for line operations in edit control (GetLineCount, GetLine, GetFirstVisibleLine, LineIndex, LineFromChar, LineLength, LineScroll)Added new functions for selection operations in edit control (GetSelText, ReplaceSel)CBCGPEditCtrl::UpdateScrollBars method is virtual nowAdded new virtual functions for printing by pages: CBCGPEditCtrl::OnPrintPageHeader, CBCGPEditCtrl::OnPrintPageFooterAdded new virtual function CBCGPEditCtrl::OnDrawBorder.

Override it if you need custom drawing of the edit controlAdded handler for the WM_GETTEXTLENGTH message. See the CBCGPEditCtrl::OnGetTextLength functionTask pane:Option for embedded user window to be full-size in the task pane group.

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